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Metro   Parking   Management   (Philippines)   Inc.   (MPMPI)   was   established   in   September   1998   with the    core    business    activity    in    Car    Park    Management    and    Consultancy.   As    a    100%    owned company   within   the   Metro   Parking   Group,   MPMPI   maintains   a   high   level   of   professionalism   in the   service   we   provide.   As   such,   our   main   objective   is   to   be   market   leader   in   the   car   park management industry that places integrity and diligence at its top priority. MPMPI   was   set   with   the   initial   paid-up   capital   of   USD200,000.00.   The   parent   Company,   the Metro   Parking   Group   with   50   man   years   of   experience   was   incorporated   in   1991,   became market   leader   in   Malaysia   and   Singapore   after   two   years   in   operation. As   the   established   market leader   in   these   two   countries,   Metro   Parking   expanded   its   business   into   the   Kingdom   of   Brunei, followed   by   Sabah   and   Sarawak   in   1996.   For   a   brief   period   in   1997,   we   consolidated   our operation within our regional offices before embarking on our expansion programs. Mission:   To   be   the   first   choice   in   parking   by   providing   the   best   possible   experience   each   time through   staff   who   are   highly   motivated,   empowered   and   dedicated   to   increasing   employees'   and shareholders' value. Vision:  To be the best Car Park Operator in the Philippines and to lead in this industry.
“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.”   - STEVE JOBS
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