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Metro   Parking   Management   (Philippines)   Inc.   (MPMPI)   is   planning   to   innovate   more   by   engaging   to cloud   technology   which   will   give   benefit   to   the   company.   Customer   and   clients   will   find   this   helpful   by ensuring   quality   service,   providing   them   a   parking   space   whenever   they   reserve   it   using   a   mobile application connected thru cloud internet.
MPMPI    partnered    with    AC    Magnetic    to    focus    providing    parking barriers    through    the    market.    The    barrier    is    the    same    equipment being used to the Philippine South Luzon Express Way tollgate.
Multi-Level    Steel    deck    parking    is    one    innovation    that    the company   is   planning   to   invest   to   and   being   offered   to   our clients.   This   will   provide   more   parking   spaces   and   additional revenue to a certain parking site.
Point-of-Sales   (POS)   System   is   one   aspect   that   MPMPI   is   looking   into to   provide   all   in   one   package   to   our   clients.   POS   System   will   ensure   the monitoring    of    the    daily    revenue    or    sales    being    transacted    to    one parking site.
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